George Orwell j…

George Orwell just broke my heart. He reached through the decades and grabbed at all my emotions and forced me to *feel*. How can writing ever be that amazing and utterly powerful. Did he ever even realize how it would affect so many people and I wonder in what different ways it has affected people…


glimpse of the past

I cam across this very accidently, but I was mesmerized by the photos (as I usually am by photos of abandoned architectural marks). I find photos like this to be such an interesting glimpse into the past and also fascinating what happens to things over time. It makes me wonder what might happen to things that we have in our everyday life now in the future. ALSO these are abandoned pictures of the *1984* Olympics and are an architectural glimpse into the past and memories, so it ties eerily perfectly into what we are doing in English 11 right now. Take a look if you want 🙂 so cool!

Using Blogs as part of English Classes

I think this is definitely an interesting concept as technology is such a fast growing part of people’s lives, especially this generations. Youth are fairly capable of figuring out how to navigate in an online setting and encouraging them to figure out how to create blogs on their own is an engaging and experimental way to learn. Also since your blog is fully in your control there is lots of ability to exceed or truly express yourself. This is definitely an interesting experiment to try.